Kaysi McLeod
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Born in Colorado on September 14, 1983.
Blessed family and friends with singing "Jesus Loves Me' at two.
Went to Little Village pre-school
Went to church and said"I love Jesus" at 4 and meant it as she really new Christ.
Became a brownie
Kaysi had her first stage performance at little Village
Was Baptized at 9 in a small Colorado Church in Arvada
Went to Maranatha Christian School and enjoyed being a Cheerleader and turning 13 with a big bash
Kaysi started school at Arvada West Junior High School
Kaysi really expanded her art skills and really was a dancer
Kaysi started school at Sunrise Mountain High School and enjoyed dancing on stage and joined the JAG program where she became an officer who went before City Council by herself to promote the program
Kaysi got her first job at Polar Ice as a Monitor, "That girl loved to skate"
Received her job at American Express through the JAG program with her good friend Tabatha Morton.
Graduated with all present. We were all so proud.
Moved in to her first small house
Started College at Glendale Community College in Arizona
Kaysi moved to Denver to be reunited with Family missed.
Kaysi had several jobs but enjoyed family and friends always.
Kaysi maintained her creativity with her art work and kept her faith  till the end of her life in August 2003
Went missing August 23, 2003 at the age of 19.
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