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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Kaysi McLeod who was born in Colorado on September 14, 1983 and passed away in August  2003 at the age of 19. We will remember her forever.

Kaysi was born in Denver Colorado to two loving parents, Lori and Rob McLeod. Kaysi was a very happy, well behaved child that could be taken anywhere and loved the company of all people. Kaysi became a Brownie and loved all activity that included people and excitement. She was a joy. Off to school at Little Village Christian Academy at Village Baptist. Kaysi was a good Christian girl who asked for little and gave much. She was a good student and was exceptionally bright as well as creative. She loved to draw and be with family. Kaysi's family expanded when Rob began his life with Michelle, Kaysi has three sisters she has left behind (Bryanna, Olivia and Isabella). Olivia has the wonderful artistic knack that Kaysi had and loves to draw pictures of Kaysi.Lori married Jay offerson and He enjoyed time as Kaysi's step Father. Jay was very attached to Kaysi.

Kaysi's grandparents, Pat and Don Cofield as well as her grandmother Kathy McLeod still are living in the Denver area. Uncle Ron McLeod ,Uncle Rich McLeod and  Aunt Char McLeod are living in the Denver area and Ron and Rich's children also reside in Denver. Kaysi's Uncle Ron and Aunt Sherri Mcleod and her cousins Nathan and Lindsey live in the Denver area Lindsey's children are now a part of Kaysi's family Kaysi would have loved to see them. Kaysi has Aunt Donna and Uncle Mike Harper living with her two cousins, Sean and Sarah in Arizona where she graduated from Sunrise Mountain H.S. in 2001. Through Prom, a dedication to the Jag Program at her school and employment at American Express she found her best friend who has been faithful to her memory for years. Tabatha not only dedicated her time to not only search for Kaysi but also created a web-site just for her. Tabatha Morton we all appreciate your faithfulness in your friendship to Kaysi. Tabatha has been working on her degree to help in crime research.

Kaysi, your life was too short. Lord please welcome Kaysi as we know you have. Love her forever. Kaysi we will always feel a hole in our lives where the fullness of your joy and happiness are missing. We know that through life, we make mistakes.  We do know that you left us as a person on their way to full health and happiness. Lord we pray for our grieving hearts to not hate and to pray for those who have taken our joy.  We Miss you horribly.  We love you.

Tributes and Condolences
Sending love   / Lisa Armstrong
Hi Lori, Rob and the rest of Kaysi's family and friends. I saw a programme about Kaysi in England and I want to send love and strength to you all. Rest in peace Kaysi xx
Hello  / Lee-Ann Frohn (Sorry for your loss! )
Hello I'm so sorry! That Kaysi,and all of you, and your family had to go through!! All of that hell that, that e vil man caused!! I seen the show on the Id Channel, and actually feel asleep during it and had horrible nightmares from it playing when I...  Continue >>
For your family Kaysi ~ to help their broken heart   / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom (visitor)
Lori, Rob   / Donna Harper (Aunt)
I know that the loss of a child is horrible. Losing Erin was truly the worst part of my life.
Kaysi had bonded and shared experiences and history with you both. Not only your DNA passed through her veins but always a part of a parents very soul....  Continue >>
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Her legacy
Christ first  

Kaysi was first a Christian girl who was kind to all people and befriended everyone.  She loved her Sisters, her step Mom Michelle, her Cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Grandparents but mostly her Mother and Father. 

Kaysi loved to be creative and gifted her artwork often.  She befriended Tabatha Morton in early High School and enjoyed the fun of boyfriends, Prom and games.

Kaysi truly believed in the Jag Program at the H.S. and spoke to city council on behalf of that very program.  A scholarship is being developed in her name.  Polar Ice was her first job as a skating monitor.  Kaysi also did some retail, but really enjoyed her job at American Express.  She was also at the time one of the youngest employees to be hired.

Kaysi graduated from Sunrise Mountain H.S. and started college at Glendale Community. 

Kaysi as all adults made some mistakes, but re-located back to her home state in Colorado to get a fresh start.  Family had missed her and fun began.  Kaysi was a true joy to be around.  With ups and downs Kaysi's life ended abruptly while she was making improvements in her life. 

We all miss her.




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